AMI Technologies makes every effort and invests a lot of resources in order to provide all its customers with an equal, respectable, accessible and professional service. In making the necessary accessibility adjustments that will result in a person with a disability being able to receive the services provided to all customers, independently and equally. 

‍Our address: 22 HaNagar St., Hod HaSharon.

Our offices are accessible to people with disabilities, including the availability of disabled parking spaces in the building's parking lot, accessible pathways, and disabled services. Visits to Ami Technologies offices are by appointment only.

Telephone Response:

Our telephone response service is available on Sundays through Thursdays, between 08:00 and 16:00, at 09-7760300.

Accessibility Coordinator:

Name: Li Ashuri


Telephone: 09-7760300

Address: 22 HaNagar St., Hod HaSharon

Additional contact methods:

There are several additional contact methods available:


Use the "Contact Us" form on our website.

By mail: 22 HaNagar St., Hod HaSharon, Zip code 4501317.

User guide in the menu:

  • Website Adjustment button and site tags for assistive devices and technologies for people with disabilities
  • Navigation enable button using the keyboard keys between the links on the site
  • Button flicker and / or moving elements on the screen
  • Black and white monochrome mode enable button for color blind
  • Sepia button (brown shade)
  • High contrast change button
  • Black and yellow button
  • Color reversal button
  • A button that clearly highlights all the title tags that appear on the site
  • A button that clearly highlights all the links that appear on the site
  • A button that displays the alternate description of all the images that appear on the site at the mouse.
  • A button that displays a permanent description of the images on the site
  • Cancel button to use readable font.
  • Font size button on the site
  • Font size reduction button on the site
  • Button to increase the entire display to about 200%
  • Button reduces the entire display to about 70%
  • Mouse cursor magnification button
  • Button to enlarge the mouse cursor and change its color to black.
  • Website Read Button
  • Button that displays the accessibility statement
  • Reset button that disables accessibility.
  • Accessibility Feedback Button
  • Button bar change button and accessibility statement accordingly

The accessibility bar has 2 types of magnifications for your convenience, but if you want to increase the letters further you can use the following keyboard functions:

  • The Esc key will open and close the accessibility bar
  • ( Ctrl ) + ( + ) key will increase the text on the site
  • ( Ctrl ) + ( – ) key will reduce the text on the site
  • ( Ctrl ) + ( 0 ) will return the site to its original size
  • SPACEBAR key will lower the site down.
  • The F11 key will enlarge the screen to full size – another press will reduce it back

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