Vascular surgery is one of the most delicate fields in the world of surgery. It requires highly sophisticated equipment to assist surgeons. AMI Technologies continuously tests the leading global technologies, to help upgrade a surgeon's work environment and helps them achieve more accurate results with less effort while maintaining an extremely high standard for patient safety.
AMI Technologies represents BD, one of the leading global experts in the field of vascular surgery. Please review the catalog to receive an impression of the diverse selection of solutions and choose the ones most appropriate for your operating theater.

Intravenous surgeries

A particularly delicate field of expertise that uses innovative Doppler technologies to control blood flow during the procedure.

MiraQ Vasscular

Doppler flow control technology for blood vessels

Treatment of Venous diseases

Utilization of new advanced technology for preventive care such as compression stockings and much more.


Thermo regulating pressure stocking


Thermo regulating pressure stocking

Arterial surgeries

Catheters for thrombus extraction.

BD Vascular

Endovascular Solutions

Embolectomy Catheters

Clot Management Catheters

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