General Surgery

While AMI Technologies medical experts are not surgeons, they are responsible for ensuring that Israel’s best operating rooms have the most advanced high-quality equipment available. AMI Technologies imports intraoperative equipment to Israel such as trocars, diathermy, ablation and perfusion technologies, advanced laparoscopic equipment and hybrid plasma surgical solutions.

General Surgery

AMI Technologies provides surgeons in Israel with a wide variety of innovative medical equipment required in every operating room. For example: trocars, tools & accessories for periscopic surgery, diathermy, smoke extraction and more.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Trocars, laparoscopic tools, and surgical accessories


Diathermy and smoke extraction

Hybrid plasma​

Hybrid Plasma Technology

Oncological surgery

Advanced technological solutions for oncological surgery such as cold helium plasma technology for treatment of solid tumors and many more.

Cold plasma​

Cold Helium Plasma Technology for oncothreapeutics

Gynecological surgery

Advanced gynecological diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, such as dedicated trocars for gynecological surgeries, Gel point platforms for performing surgeries using the innovative vNOTES method, mechanical morcellation to remove fibroids and tumors from the abdominal cavity, advanced ablation devices for the treatment of endometriosis, and many more.

Gel Point Vpath

VNOTES & laparoscopic surgeries solutions


Tissue Morcellation

Uterine Manipulation

Uro-gynecological management


Ablation endometriosis treatment


Diathermy and smoke extraction

Transplant surgery

Millions of dollars are invested in the R&D departments of the world's leading manufacturers in the development of innovative technologies to improve to the best extent the success of transplant processes. We will help you find the newest and most cutting-edge innovations for the transplantation of key organs such as the liver, lungs, kidneys, and more.

Liver Assist

ex vivo liver perfusion and transplantation


Lung perfusion and transplantation

Endoscopic surgery

Endoscopic surgical solutions and other minimally invasive medical equipment, from the leading international manufacturers, based on the latest developments in the field.

1688 AIM 4K Platform

Advanced Imaging Modalities (AIM) 4K Platform

Diathermy & Blood Loss Prevention

In this field, AMI Technologies offers diathermic devices that provide precise incision of tissues utilizing the latest methods to reduce bleeding and minimize peripheral damage.

Hybrid plasma​

Hybrid Plasma Electrosurgery

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