Ear, Nose & Throat

The success of ENT, head and neck surgeries depends a great deal on the exact instrument the doctor uses. AMI Technologies represents the world's leading manufacturers in the field of innovative surgical equipment for ear nose and throat, which helps to achieve excellent clinical results. Among the products chosen by AMI's team of experts to import to Israel are: a very high-speed ontologic drill, anatomical implants for ear reconstruction, and absorbent reconstructive nose supports.

Operating room equipment

Advanced and sophisticated solutions for ENT, including ergonomic medical equipment, with sophisticated systems that allow the surgeon to create a personal work profile and gauge accurate performance of procedures such as: mastoidectomy, FESS, adenoids and more.

Signature MIS



AMI Technologies imports Medpor implants; the world's leader in the field. These include a very broad product family providing solutions for a wide variety of abnormalities in the head and neck area, such as microtia.


anatomical implants for ear and facial reconstructions

Consumable Recovery Products

Complementary products for patients’ recovery after ENT surgeries.


bioresorbable nasal dressing

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