Today, many urological procedures are performed quickly and effectively thanks to the new generation of technological solutions available. Fusion biopsies, ablations for innovative HIFU procedures, as well as breakthrough treatments for benign prostate BPH and more – are performed in the operating room using treatments and advanced technologies imported by AMI Technologies from the world's leading manufacturers in the field of urological solutions.

Consumable Urology Products

AMI Technologies supplies a full set of products in the field of urology, such as catheters, urine bags, and more.

BD Urology

Urology and kidney health

Imaging Systems

AMI Technologies imports the most advanced imaging technologies, for urological procedures and fusion biopsies, manufactured by the world’s leaders in the field.


MRI-US fusion of prostate biopsies

Men's Health

Advanced technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of male diseases such as benign hyperplasia of the prostate, endo carcinoma of the prostate, or alternatively improving erectile disfunction problems.

MultiPulse HoPLUS

Treatment of BPH, and lithotripsy

Sonablate HIFU

Treatment of BPH, and lithotripsy

bk Specto 3000

Prostate biopsy imaging

RIGIScan Plus

Rigidity assessment system for male

General Urology Products

Urology products for the treatment of a painful bladder, urine reflux, and many more.


Injectable implant for the treatment of Vesicoureteral Reflux


Sodium Hyaluronate Solution for the treatment of Intercystitial Cystitis

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