Invasive Radiolgy and Vascular Surgery

AMI Technologies is Israel’s leading importer of medical technologies, in the fields of invasive radiology and vascular surgery. This expertise developed out of bringing to Israel a large selection of medical products and technologies for a variety of procedures in the field of vein and artery treatments as well as breast imaging. 
All of the technologies selected by AMI Technologies for import, are fully certified by either the FDA or the CE; and have received their approvals after extensive research establishing them as the most effective, advanced and safest treatments available.

Peripheral catheters

Catheters for the leg arteries and main veins.

BD Vascular ACCESS

Catheters for administering chemotherapy treatments/long-term drugs/catheters for hemodialysis

BD Perpheral Vascular

Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Breast Imaging

Diagnosis systems for the mammography units through nodule marking and biopsies procedures.

BD Biopsy

Coaxial Biopsy Needle


EndoAVF (endovascular fistula) for dialysis patients.


Endovascular AV fistula



Quality Ablation with CAS-One IR

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