Chest Cavity & Heart

The great breakthrough of cardiothoracic surgery in recent years is based on innovative technological capabilities such as bypass surgeries, valves, aorta, and thoracoscopy procedures. 
The smart equipment imported by AMI Technologies upgrades every operating room, allowing for efficient surgical procedures such as valve implantation, biological and mechanical, valve repair using rings, innovative suturing methods and many more diverse solutions.

Operating room

Comprehensive solutions of innovative technologies for cardiothoracic surgery, which enable reduction of surgery time and quality control for bypass surgeries.


Advanced suturing solutions

MiraQ Cardiac

Ultrasound technology for testing bypasses flow quality

Valve Replacements

Latest technologies for replacing and repairing valves.


Suture less Heart Valve

Bicarbon Slimline

Low INR mechanical heart valves


Mechanical heart valves

Memo 4D

Semi-Rigid annuloplasty ring

Surgical Power Tool

The new generation of surgical power tools, sternum saws and advanced technologies for gaining access to critical organs.

Sternum saw - System 8

Chest Cavity Opening Power Tools

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