Orthopedic Surgery

When orthopedic surgery is based on advanced technologies, both quality and precision of the doctor's work are optimized and maximized. As the representative of Stryker and other orthopedic companies, AMI Technologies imports a wide variety of innovative technologies, which include, among other things: equipment for ankle and elbow replacement, unique equipment for shoulder surgeries, sophisticated robots for knee and hip replacements as well as soft tissues such as tendons, bones and more.

Sports medicine

The latest and advanced technologies that AMI Technologies brings to Israel enable orthopedists to achieve more efficient and better-quality results in the fields of shoulder replacements, meniscus sutures and many other common sports related injuries.


Shoulder Replacement


suture anchor platform

Inspace Balloon

Balloon Spacer

Bio-Implants for Sports Medicine

Bio-Implants for Sports Medicine Procedures

Tissue grafts

Tissue Grafts

Integrated arthoscopy platform

Surgical Visualization


The new generation of orthopedic surgery for knee and hip joint replacement is based on sophisticated robot surgeries, which allow the surgeon full range of motion, flexibility and enlarged three-dimensional vision and maximum precision. The use of this technology guarantees improved results of the surgery while reducing pain and complications alongside significantly shortening the patient's recovery time.


Robotic Arm Assisted Surgery

Joint Replacement

Performing knee and hip replacement surgeries, using quality implants that guarantee results and durability over the years.


Robotic Arm Assisted Surgery


Joint Replacement System

Accolade II

Cementless hip replacement-


Hip replacement with cement

Hybrid plasma​

Surgical Solutions for cutting Tissue to reduce bleeding and peripheral damage

Trauma Injuries

Using quality implants, anchors and nails, we enable trauma surgeons to perform precise surgeries with reduced recuperation times, giving patients faster recovery and a rapid return to routine.


fractures nailing platform


small fragment plating


Low profile locking plates

Foot and Ankle

The latest technologies in the world of medicine make it possible to perform foot and ankle surgeries in a way that permit the restoration of a broad range of motion and allows a relatively quick return to routine.


Full ankle replacement


Revision (repair) ankle replacement

Power Surgical Tools

AMI provides a full suite of surgical power tools powered by the latest technologies, which include power delivery and engine systems, saws, helmets and more. Orthopedic surgeries can now be performed with greater efficiency, better quality and higher levels of safety than ever before.

system 8

Power Tools for Joint Replacement

System 8 Precision

Oscillating Tip Saw

Cordlless 8

Cordless driver and Sabo for trauma units


foot / hand and mouth and jaw surgical system

Personal Protective Equipment

Medical technology not only gives doctors advanced tools, it also gives them the necessary protection. For example protective gear, masks and surgical garb specialized for the needs of joint replacement surgeons.


Personal Protection System

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