AMI Technologies exclusively represents in Israel some of the most advanced technologies from the world's leading manufacturers exclusively; Stryker and BK Medical. The medical technologies they developed are at the forefront of innovation, increasing both the quality and likelihood of success of most surgical and therapeutic procedures.

Neurosurgical Operating Theater

Some of the most advanced and sophisticated solutions for neurosurgery, including ergonomic medical equipment, with sophisticated systems that allow the surgeon to create their own personalized work profile, and conduct craniotomy procedures with precision and accuracy.

Elite attachments

craniotomy, spine, EAG cutting attachments and accessories

MIS Attchments

MIS attachments


Injectable Bone Substitute

Malis Bipolar Generator

Bipolar generator for neurosurgical operations

Sonopet iQ

Ultrasonic Aspirator System

Surgical Imaging

AMI Technologies markets some of the world's most advanced systems for performing surgical imaging in real time.

bk 5000

Premium Ultrasound Imaging in Neurosurgical Procedures

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