As the exclusive representative of the global medical device giant Stryker, AMI Technologies pushes forward the field of neuroradiology with the new generation of medical devices used to perform invasive procedures in situations of ischemic stroke, closing aneurysms and intracerebral operations. 
Stryker has the best access products in the world, such as guides and catheters, which allow optimal access to the blood vessels requiring treatment.


Closure of bleeding/non-bleeding aneurysms of different sizes with sheaths and stents inducing flow to close problematic areas.

Target Detachable Coils


Neuroform atlas stent system

Stent for wide-necked aneurysms

Surpass Evolve Flow Diverter

Stent for closing aneurysms

Access Devices


TranForm Occlusion Balloon Catheter

Occlusion Balloon Catheter


When it comes to a stroke, every second counts and getting the blood clot out quickly can mean the difference between life and death. Stryker's products make it possible to shorten the treatment time and restore blood flow quickly and effectively, thereby contributing to the rapid success of the procedure.

Trevo NXT ProVue Retriever

Stent for clot removal

AXS Universal Aspiration Set

Suction pump for clot removal

Access Devices


Intracerebral blood flow

Products for expanding the flow and renewal of blood circulation.

Wingspan Stent System & Gateway PTA Balloon Catheter

Gateway PTA Balloon

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