Intensive Care & Anesthesia

When it comes to the most critical patients in intensive care and anesthesia, AMI Technologies does not compromise on quality and safety, and chooses products that meet the highest standards with the most advanced and reliable technologies in the world, from the leading manufacturers in the field.

Perishable & Consumable Products

The consumables provide maximum benefit to both the care team and the patient, which is expressed in ease of use, availability, financial savings, reduction of infections as well as hospitalization days.


Stool Management System


Deposable bronchoscope

Intensive Care Systems

Advanced and non-invasive systems for managing the patient's temperature (TTM) in an intensive care environment enables fast treatment and maximum ease of use for the attending medical staff. This patented technology solution reliably and accurately monitors the patient's temperature, performs, if necessary, automatic temperature correction to the desired level, thus enabling intensive care teams to provide the best treatment process and prevent long-term consequences resulting from unstable temperature swings.

Arctic Sun

Temperature Management System

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