Bright Eyes™ - HIT

ד"ר דיאנה שטיין

מומחית ברפואת עיניים

Holistic Individualized Therapy (HIT) for the periorbital area for a brighter look.

Brighten your patient's outlook!

Target tear trough deformity (TTD) and smooth wrinkles in the periorbital area using an individualized selection of Restylane products.

For results as unique as you.
with Restylane® and neuromodulators
Complementary usage of neuromodulators and dermal fillers offers an excellent approach to minimally invasive rejuvenation of the periocular area.

The use of dermal fillers in combination with neuromodulators has the added benefit of approximately doubling the half-life of the filler.

Bright Eyes
: 3 core profiles encapsulating patients' needs
 from tired look, from a grumpy look and from aging

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