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In Europe, Microsoft Flight Simulator will have a physical version. The developers did not bother with the download code, but honestly stuffed as much game data as possible onto the discs.

The result is a weighty box with 10 discs. They didn’t even fit the entire photo of the publication – only six DVDs are visible there. Moreover, according to the gaming portal, the carriers in the package contain a card with a code for activating digital goods and a user manual. On discs, you can buy the standard equipment for 69.99 euros or the Premium Deluxe for 129.99 euros (offers additional aircraft, high-quality versions of selected airports, and an extended hardcover manual).

Microsoft is distributing the physical version with Aerosoft. According to representatives of the publisher, about 90 gigabytes of data were recorded on the disks – that part of the game client that you will need in any case. Internet connection for Microsoft Flight Simulator is optional, but highly desirable – via the Internet, the game downloads high-quality assets on the fly and, for example, receives real-time information about the weather in the region where the virtual pilot is now.

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