About Us

AMI Technologies ltd  is a leading distributor of medical devices and innovative technology in Israel. The company was established by Rami Dulberg in 1986, that has been working in the medical industry for over 30 years and gained vast experience and knowledge.

AMI Technologies ltd – Purpose

Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of healthcare in Israel, by introducing use of novel, Added value, state of the art medical technology products.

AMI Technologies ltd – Focus

We implement an intensive search and development process in order to identify breakthrough medical devices that address unmet clinical needs.

Our company is committed to marketing successfully in its territory innovative, cost-effective products in high growth market segments, to investing the resources required to develop new product concepts and to ensuring a leadership position in the emerging medical technology segment.

AMI Technologies ltd – Values

We adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards towards all our customers, our employees and our partners. We are also strongly committed to contributing in the community, in which we live and work.


AMI Technologies ltd – Partners

AMI Medical Technologies, Ltd. is committed to raising the standards of healthcare in Israel by introducing and establishing the widespread use of breakthrough medical technology. To this end, the company has, over the years, developed a growing number of strategic collaborations with leading international suppliers from the USA and Europe. The company’s partners share its vision for the development and introduction of new advance therapies which will improve the life of people in serious medical conditions. Strategic assets, such as the company’s operational infrastructure and its local market expertise, which derive from over 30 years’ experience in successful implementation of innovative product concepts, add significant value to these partnerships. Key to the company’s development and good financial position is its ability to allocate and fully integrate resources in ways that benefit these partnerships as well as the company’s growth.

AMI Technologies ltd enjoys a leadership position in all the core medical products in the market. The company has been awarded a number of times by its global partners. This outstanding market performance is based on the company’s clear and focused business strategy, the diversity and uniqueness of its product portfolio, as well as the professional competence and scientific approach shared by its people. The company is looking forward to further expanding into marketing partnership agreements with promising medical device companies offering breakthrough technology and innovative products.